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Seven of the most prominent scientists in Cosmology including three Nobel Price Laureates, will participate in two round-table discussions taking place over two days; one for scientists and one for the lay public. The Symposium will take place in Athens at The MEGARON the Athens Concert Hall and in Ancient Messinia – Costa Navarino Resort, 2-4 October 2015 .The Seven Wise Men will speak about the most significant new developments in their own research areas and give the opportunity to both scientists and lay public to be exposed to state-of-the art knowledge while also sharing their views on more general issues-questions we all may have, philosophical and otherwise.

The main goal of the Symposium of the Seven Wise Men is to present cutting edge knowledge and concerns faced by the contemporary science of Cosmology, which looks into the generation of the Universe, the content of matter and energy included therein, its form and structure, its age and history, as well as its future evolution.

We indeed know that only 5% corresponds to the standard matter that makes up the myriads of stars in the Universe galaxies, and humans, too. This all means that 95% of the constituents of the Universe are still unknown to us. Of a Universe which is 13, 8 billion years old!

The field of science in Cosmology and Space Exploration has made remarkable and rapid progress in the last 50 years. Humans have landed on the moon, a trip to Mars is being discussed, and the vast universe is continuously being explored at great distances. This progress is due not only to the gifted intelligence of prominent pioneers in research and the development of new methods, but also to the great masters who inspired a younger generation of international scientists.

Welcome to the Revival
of the Symposium
of the Seven Wise Men!

 The Seven Wise Men in Cosmology who will be coming to Greece are :

  • James Cronin, Nobel Laureate 1980 – University of Chicago.
  • George Efstathiou, FRS Professor, University of Cambridge
    Director, Kavli Institute for Cosmology
  • David Gross, Nobel Laureate 2004 – Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara.
  • Eugene N. Parker, Professor Emeritus, University of Chicago
  • George F. Smoot, Nobel Laureate, 2006 – University of California, Berkeley and CNRS, France.
  • Alexei Starobinski, Kavli Prize 2014 – Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.
  • Gabriele Veneziano, Chair of Elementary Particles, Gravitation and Cosmology, Collège de France, Paris.

The wisdom of the Symposium of the Seven Wise Men (Sages) of Antiquity played a pivotal role in forming bridges that linked communities, creating a more unified society based on values of the highest order. These values are the foundation of Western Civilization.

In a similar way in today’s era of globalization we believe that the revival of this venerable institution, the Symposium, can assume a catalytic role in building a more inspired society.

As we navigate our way through today‘s perplexing world, we face enormous challenges in a host of areas. Economic justice, social integration, healthcare, sustainability, technology, communication, and the environment are some of the topics that humans must address in a way that leads to a better society for all. Those are the issues that future 7 Wise Men Symposia will delve into.


Under the Auspices of H.E.
The President of the Hellenic Republic
Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos

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